Quick Gift

One of my favorite things in life is giving handmade gifts to my loved ones.  But my commitment to making most gifts tends to present one of two dilemmas:  I finish early and can’t contain my excitement (hence treating the gift like a hot potato), or I completely space the date, freak out, and end up spending the entire twenty-four hours before the celebration creating something.

This coin purse/card holder is the product of one of those freak outs.  It is now one of my “go to” designs in these moments.  As it is obviously designed for a female, my next challenge will be to design its male counterpart.   

I knit this with a 4-ply yarn on straight needles.

Tootsie Pop Anyone?

This cutie showcases all my favorite colors – all the hues that (over)fill my yarn drawers.

I gave Mr. Owlie to my friend down at Grandma’s Great Treasures at her baby shower a couple of years ago (go to her blog to see pictures of the adorable recipient).  It is just one of the many adorable owl-themed decorations in his nursery.  But I hope it gets a hug or two every once in a while too.

This pattern is by Knitwhits and is called Bramble Softie: A Knitted Owl Toy.  You can find it on ravelry.com.

“Hop-Hop” the Bunny

I knit this bunny for my niece’s first birthday.  I started this project within days of learning the purl stitch.  Needless to say, I had to start over at least four times and look up countless youtube tutorials to complete it.  I think it was worth it, though.  I progressed a lot and ended up with this vintage-looking stuffed animal that I hope she cherishes.

This pattern was found in Last-Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson, along with similar patterns for an elephant and bear.

Texas Leg Warmers

Puffy Pinks









Now that I have introduced you to Miss Adorable, I will show you her accessory of choice – her puffy pink leg-warmers.  She lives in Texas, so she doesn’t often need them, but as of late, she has worn them with just about everything (including purple shorts).

I designed and knitted these, along with a purple/blue/green/white fair isle pair, especially for her with Lily Sugar’n Cream cotton.

Confetti-Frosted Cupcake Hat

Let me introduce you to the most charming little girl in the world: my niece.

To compliment her sweetness, I made this little morsel to sit atop her head.  Who knew a cupcake could warm little ears?


This is a pattern that I created especially for my friend, Deidre.  She lives in London, and I miss her dearly.  It makes me happy to know my handiwork is keeping her warm this winter.

Since I made this one, I have made four others for friends and family.   It is one of my favorites to knit.

She who wears Deidre has two options: wrap it around the neck and tuck the first loop behind the second,  or let it hang loosely to show off all its beautiful cables.


When my nephew is not acting like a dinosaur, he is reading a book or watching a television show where dinosaurs have the leading roles.  I made him this little blue stegosaurus for Christmas, and his name was promptly declared: “Bob.”

I found this pattern on Ravelry.com.  It was written by Cassidy Clark.   I added the button eye and just used some leftover yarn from other projects.