Flower Purse and Hair Ties

I know what you all are thinking:  “Gee, I wonder what Quinn made her niece (who she talks about way too much) for her fourth birthday?”

Well, I made her this cute little purse, of course.  Inside were three flower hair ties: pink, purple, and blue.

I used Yarn Bee’s First Love.  The color is “Kisses.”  The pattern is by Mareva Lynde, and I found it in Creative Knitting: Child’s Play, Spring 2011.

Pint-sized Inspirations

I visited my brother and sister-in-law (more accurately, my two precious nieces) in Texas last week.  It was a time for laughter, silliness, conversation, and Settlers of Catan.  I stayed up into the wee morning hours with the adults and sprung to life when Miss Adorable was ready to play.  I sacrificed my sleep because I have this hope that a well-spent visit will somehow fill the spaces where these children have expanded my heart, suspending my wishes to “keep them,” as I say, until our next visit. But this is not what happens.  They just expand those spaces further.  And I miss them immediately.

Go ahead and make fun of me.  I know that I’m a version of that stereotypical auntie who goes around squeezing cheeks.  My siblings’ children can do no wrong.  It is infallible truth that they are, in fact, the cutest humans on this planet.  I am that aunt,except I don’t pinch.  I knit.

Pictured: Purple scarf, KU hat, bunny, purse, pink leg warmers.
Not pictured: cupcake hat, flower hair ties, purple leg warmers.

Miss Adorable is the most frequent recipient of my “pinches” (her sister has only been around for four weeks, and her cousin is a boy who doesn’t quite have her same passion for accessories). So while I was visiting, I thought it would be fun to gather all the items I have given her.  We searched her room for every last item and had her put on as many of them that she could wear or hold.  The photo is charming, I’m certain you will conclude.   

Consequently, Miss Adorable thinks that I make everything.  On Friday her sister was wearing a KU cheerleading uniform that I bought for Miss Adorable when she was a baby.

ASIDE – The year that she wore the uniform was the same that KU won the NCAA Championship.  Here’s to hoping her sister brings the same luck upon our beloved Jayhawks.

Anyway, my brother told her that I gave it to her and now her sister gets to wear it.  She responded with a question: “Aunt Quinn, how did you make that?”

Tell me, who do you enjoy showering with gifts?

Lovely Imogen Cowl

Let me introduce you to the most labor-intensive project that I have undertaken.  The most labor-intensive, but one of the most rewarding.  It is this kind of pattern that makes me excited about knitting.  Who knew that such intricate design could be achieved with some string and a couple of pointy sticks?  The possibilities seem endless!

I was lucky that I my friend commissioned me to make this cowl.  I told a her to look on Ravelry.com to find a pattern she liked and this is the one she picked.  If I would have come across it any other way, I’m not sure I would have believed in my patience or endurance enough to start it.  But knowing that she hand-picked it out, and it wasn’t just me who wanted another scarf to add to my collection, gave me the motivation needed to attempt such a complicated project.

I had to unravel it four times before figuring out exactly how it worked (urgh!).  But once I got about six (correct) inches in, the pattern became clear and it became much easier.  I hardly had to unravel after that!  Yay!

I knit this with Naturally Caron, Aquatica and used US 5 needles.  The pattern is Imogen Cowl and was designed by Carrie Bostick Hoge.  You can buy it on Ravelry.com.

Here are the ways you can wear it:

P.S. To those who are wondering where the heck the pattern for the Spring Kerchief is, I am SO sorry!  I have had technical difficulties with my computer lately and will put it up ASAP!

Spring Kerchief

This little number serves no purpose other than to look cute (which is good enough for me).  It slightly warms the neck, but not enough to keep you warm in the winter or cause you discomfort in the spring.  I think it is my most frequently worn knit item because it jazzes up the ol’ jeans and tee combo that I like so much.  It’s a nice statement piece.

I have made several Spring Kerchiefs for friends.  They knit up really quick and you can use just about any yarn that you want.   It is an original design, but a very simple one.  I have no doubt that the same design is already somewhere out in the knitting world, as it is just a simple triangle with some yarn overs.  Visit Ktog again on Wednesday to download the pattern and view a quick tutorial on making this kerchief!

Ordered to Knit

Ta-dah!  My first post on this page!!  Here you will find my works-in-progress (of which there are always many).  Half-done knitted goodness hidden around every corner…

This project is special because it is my first order through this blog.  You might recognize it.  It’s the winter scarf, Deidre that I wrote about last week.  I am using Simply Soft Caron Yarn in navy, enjoying its downy softness all along the way.

Who will be the lucky owner of this scarf?  My friend at Life at The Mahoney’s! 

I will try to avoid showing repeat knits in the future, but I had to celebrate my first order with you all!  If you see anything that you would like, email me at ktogetherorders@gmail.com.  I am working on getting Paypal set up or connect this site to an Etsy to make transactions easier.   Prices are also on their way.