Assessment Time for USD Ktog

Who is most closely associated with knitting?Exam

A. Hipsters

B. Middle school boys

C. Elderly Women

D. Harley Davidson Bikers

These sample answer items do not stray far from the typical multiple choice questions that my students will soon encounter on their state assessments – one throw away option (D), one distractor (A), and the answer is (predictably) C.  But to every rule there is an exception!

My perceptions were schooled this past semester with the amount of B who have voluntarily associated themselves with knitting.  That’s right – junior high boys showed up… and have stuck around… to my newly inaugurated club – Knit Wits!  Probably most are after some girl who also comes, and I know that some of my students just look for any excuse to stay after school, but the fact remains: they are knitting!  I have seen boys who couldn’t sit still in the classroom if their lives depended on it relax and learn to make a bookmark!  Amazing.  Maybe the calm I experience while knitting is universal.

Stay tuned for more adventures of my little Knit Wits.

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