Alas, I AM still knitting.

IMG_0322 IMG_0046 IMG_0187 My hobbies (knitting, writing, reading, running) vie for my attention always.  Unfortunately, they don’t just compete with one another, but also contend with my demanding work and school responsibilities.  What I am getting at here is that I am busy, like everyone else, and this blog often gets the shaft.

If you’re a follower, you may wonder if I even still knit!  Well, here are some pictures that prove that I do still indeed knit (but that I haven’t make time to write about it).

The first picture is my very first pair of socks!  They came out a bit bigger than I like, so I am considering needle felting the inside so they serve more as slipper-socks.  Otherwise, they are wonderful, and I am ready to make another pair!

The second picture is my nephew’s Christmas present, which I love!  Unfortunately, he is not a big fan of the orange.  😦  Sweet thing though – he will wear it when he comes to visit his Aunt Quinn.

The third and fourth pictures are of two familiar faces with their Christmas dresses on!  These took me FOREVER.  I seriously spent two full weekends knitting and watching 30 Rock to finish these sweet outfits.  Even still, I was knitting under a blanket while watching a movie with Miss Adorable and up until 5 AM on IMG_0115Christmas Eve finishing up.  They loved the ruffles and had fun spinning in them, so it was all worth it!!

The fifth picture is shows one of the MANY beer/coffee/whatever beverage you want to hold in the cold mittens.  My cousin at Draw Four Designs and I made them custom for family members to use during our outdoor Thanksgiving events in Minnesota.  They are silly, fun, and warm – just like my family!

Photo on 11-3-13 at 9.24 PMFinally – the bracelets!  My youngest niece and my sister-in-law have February birthdays, so I sent them these little somethings with my mom and dad who are there to visit.  I couldn’t leave Miss Adorable out in good conscience, so I quickly knit her one too!

IMG_0332Be on the lookout for the following projects to come:  Hunger Games Cowl, my first sweater, beautiful red pillow, a double hued scarf for a dear friend, and my latest Vintage KC project!

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