Once upon a late-night high school shenanigan, my friend Deidre and I discovered an abandoned childhood game: Elefun!  The game consists of an elephant who blows butterflies out of his trunk (naturally) for all the boys and girls to catch!

Though my sisters were still young(ish) and may have searched for the game on subsequent Saturdays, we decided that it was time to send it off to its retirement.  The scheme was laid out, an outlandish poem about a magical “elefante” written, and we giggled all the way to a randomly chosen classmate’s house (the “random” choice might have had something to do with how good-looking said classmate was).  We placed it in his yard, inflated his trunk, so the “heavenly butterflies” could rise up to his bedroom window, and left the poem for him to read with perplexity the next morn.  It was ridiculous.  And, to seventeen year old girls – hilarious.

Fast-forward 10 years (hard to believe).  Deidre now lives with her husband in London, and they are expecting their first child!  She is quite possibly the CUTEST pregnant woman EVER.  Do those cutest baby photo contests start in utero?  Because she would win, hands down.  I was fortunate enough to visit with her last weekend at her baby shower, and gift her with an homage to our dear old friend.

IMG_0979IMG_0981This might be my favorite stuffed animal that I have made.  I used a pattern from Zoe Mellor’s Knitted Toys.  He is made from some leftover cotton (not sure what brand), buttons for the eyes, and some denim patches (meant for jeans) for his flappy ears.  Of course, he is stuffed with fluff, and I used embroidery floss to frame his ears.

I can only hope that this toy provides as much entertainment as the elephant that inspired it.  Congrats, Tom and Deidre!  You will be AWESOME parents.  Much love.


My mother often comes home from a shopping spree, excited to show me and my sisters her newly acquired treasures.  We feign excitement, saying, “Oh, wow!  Another white shirt!  How interesting!”  She laughs, glares, and retorts, “Well, fine!  Don’t come to me when you need a cute white shirt!” She opens her closet of stark contrasts (white, black, and brown), and hangs the newcomer up next to its hundred twins. It’s a sarcastic celebration when she comes home with anything with hue.

One variation she does welcome is pattern, her favorite of which is houndstooth.  She has a houndstooth scarf, houndstooth shoes, a houndstooth purse, a houndstooth headband, and a nice houndstooth pillow on her bed. 

I crafted this pillowcase three years ago for Mother’s Day.  It was the first fair isle pattern that I attempted, and was really exciting to watch come together. 

About a year ago, my lovely mother asked for two smaller pillows to place on either side of the original.  And every time I go home, I regret that I haven’t fulfilled this request.  So I am making a goal: I will follow-up on this blog the week after Mother’s Day, and  I will share pictures of the cute little companions that I will finish by that date.

To complete this project, I followed the pattern in Classic Knits At Home, by my favorite, Erika Knight.


What has no backbone, a prominent head, and the ability to squirt ink?  That’s right!  A cephalopod!  This little guy is probably the most popular cephalopod: an octopus (socks=socktopus)!     

With just a few clicks of my mouse, I discovered that cephalopods are a bit of an underground obsession these days, being featured in tattoos, jewelry, t-shirts, tote bags, buttons, and, shall we say, some less tasteful items.  Made you google it!  Perhaps I should use the sea creatures in more of my knitting.  It seems it might actually make me cool.

The item in question – Socktopus – was created for my godson’s first birthday.  I would love to try my hand at him again, giving him buttons for eyes, some different sock variety, and a new smile.  Perhaps I will work on that soon and we can have a side-by-side look at the two.

I honestly don’t remember the yarn I used, but the pattern is by Laura Edwards is on Ravelry.com.

Flower Purse and Hair Ties

I know what you all are thinking:  “Gee, I wonder what Quinn made her niece (who she talks about way too much) for her fourth birthday?”

Well, I made her this cute little purse, of course.  Inside were three flower hair ties: pink, purple, and blue.

I used Yarn Bee’s First Love.  The color is “Kisses.”  The pattern is by Mareva Lynde, and I found it in Creative Knitting: Child’s Play, Spring 2011.

Tootsie Pop Anyone?

This cutie showcases all my favorite colors – all the hues that (over)fill my yarn drawers.

I gave Mr. Owlie to my friend down at Grandma’s Great Treasures at her baby shower a couple of years ago (go to her blog to see pictures of the adorable recipient).  It is just one of the many adorable owl-themed decorations in his nursery.  But I hope it gets a hug or two every once in a while too.

This pattern is by Knitwhits and is called Bramble Softie: A Knitted Owl Toy.  You can find it on ravelry.com.

“Hop-Hop” the Bunny

I knit this bunny for my niece’s first birthday.  I started this project within days of learning the purl stitch.  Needless to say, I had to start over at least four times and look up countless youtube tutorials to complete it.  I think it was worth it, though.  I progressed a lot and ended up with this vintage-looking stuffed animal that I hope she cherishes.

This pattern was found in Last-Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson, along with similar patterns for an elephant and bear.


When my nephew is not acting like a dinosaur, he is reading a book or watching a television show where dinosaurs have the leading roles.  I made him this little blue stegosaurus for Christmas, and his name was promptly declared: “Bob.”

I found this pattern on Ravelry.com.  It was written by Cassidy Clark.   I added the button eye and just used some leftover yarn from other projects.