Houndstooth Pillow

My mother often comes home from a shopping spree, excited to show me and my sisters her newly acquired treasures.  We feign excitement, saying, “Oh, wow!  Another white shirt!  How interesting!”  She laughs, glares, and retorts, “Well, fine!  Don’t come to me when you need a cute white shirt!” She opens her closet of stark contrasts (white, black, and brown), and hangs the newcomer up next to its hundred twins. It’s a sarcastic celebration when she comes home with anything with hue.

One variation she does welcome is pattern, her favorite of which is houndstooth.  She has a houndstooth scarf, houndstooth shoes, a houndstooth purse, a houndstooth headband, and a nice houndstooth pillow on her bed. 

I crafted this pillowcase three years ago for Mother’s Day.  It was the first fair isle pattern that I attempted, and was really exciting to watch come together. 

About a year ago, my lovely mother asked for two smaller pillows to place on either side of the original.  And every time I go home, I regret that I haven’t fulfilled this request.  So I am making a goal: I will follow-up on this blog the week after Mother’s Day, and  I will share pictures of the cute little companions that I will finish by that date.

To complete this project, I followed the pattern in Classic Knits At Home, by my favorite, Erika Knight.

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