Lovely Imogen Cowl

Let me introduce you to the most labor-intensive project that I have undertaken.  The most labor-intensive, but one of the most rewarding.  It is this kind of pattern that makes me excited about knitting.  Who knew that such intricate design could be achieved with some string and a couple of pointy sticks?  The possibilities seem endless!

I was lucky that I my friend commissioned me to make this cowl.  I told a her to look on to find a pattern she liked and this is the one she picked.  If I would have come across it any other way, I’m not sure I would have believed in my patience or endurance enough to start it.  But knowing that she hand-picked it out, and it wasn’t just me who wanted another scarf to add to my collection, gave me the motivation needed to attempt such a complicated project.

I had to unravel it four times before figuring out exactly how it worked (urgh!).  But once I got about six (correct) inches in, the pattern became clear and it became much easier.  I hardly had to unravel after that!  Yay!

I knit this with Naturally Caron, Aquatica and used US 5 needles.  The pattern is Imogen Cowl and was designed by Carrie Bostick Hoge.  You can buy it on

Here are the ways you can wear it:


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