Spring Kerchief – Pattern

This is my first attempt at this, so hopefully it all works and my kerchief can be fruitful and multiply! 

Let me know if there are any problems.  I want your feedback.  The directions are hand-written, which I hope is fun and not distracting! 

Click here to download pattern – Spring Kerchief (and then click on it again).

Happy knitting!!

err: Line two should read “k2” at the end instead of “k5.”  Sorry!!  I will fix this on the link ASAP.

Spring Kerchief

This little number serves no purpose other than to look cute (which is good enough for me).  It slightly warms the neck, but not enough to keep you warm in the winter or cause you discomfort in the spring.  I think it is my most frequently worn knit item because it jazzes up the ol’ jeans and tee combo that I like so much.  It’s a nice statement piece.

I have made several Spring Kerchiefs for friends.  They knit up really quick and you can use just about any yarn that you want.   It is an original design, but a very simple one.  I have no doubt that the same design is already somewhere out in the knitting world, as it is just a simple triangle with some yarn overs.  Visit Ktog again on Wednesday to download the pattern and view a quick tutorial on making this kerchief!